Date night

Are you searching for that perfect outfit that makes a statement  that your sexy, smart and confident?  I can help with that. 

Date night check list

1. Check the weather 

The last thing you want on a date is to look too hot or too cold.

2. Think about where your going, if you don't know then ask .

You don't want to be under dressed or over dressed .

3.What color looks good on you? 

Pick a color that looks good on you, if your unsure look at old pictures and see which pictures of you stand out .

4. Be comfortable 

We are living in a time where people are catching everything on their phones , one of the most craziest things I saw recently  was a woman at a festival wearing heels she couldn't walk in. There is nothing  good about watching a woman's ankle that keeps turning as her  shoes  give out on her. How embarrassing and uncomfortable that must have been for her. Another thing we have all done at least once as women is wearing  an outfit that we can't fit properly. Picture this ladies , your getting ready to put on the cutest little outfit, but first we have to stretch tuck and pull up our body shaper, then we suffer all night and can barely breathe. If we can't breathe how can we hold a good conversation? Ladies please keep this in mind although its good to wear a body shaper, Iv'e learned getting the right size is important.  It's  okay to buy a body shaper in a large or extra large if you have to once you lose the weight then you can gradually go down size, 🤔🤔just  a thought .


5. Have fun

Don't be so cute that you forget to compliment your date and that you can't relax. Having fun and being yourself, putting aside expectations and your wall is a recipe for a great date. Remember this,  it's hard enough for some men to get up the nerve to ask a woman out, no man wants a mannequin for a date .



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