Are those shoes meant for you ?

When I think about the perfect shoe I think about the Cinderella story.  The story wasn't just about the shoe fitting her in the end,  it was about how he felt about Cinderella. He loved her so much how she looked really didnt matter. When you fall in love it's with the whole person not just the outside .

I want to talk about " Is that shoe meant for you". In a society where being unfaithful is glorified and celebrated, more and more people are choosing to commit for business reasons and not falling in love . Often times the things that we missed growing up usually becomes our standards for choosing our mates . The problem with that is there may be other issues that we sweap under the rug as if it doesn't exist and we  choose to deal with later. When we  do this we are now (forcing our foot into a shoe that's meant for someone else). Dont settle for no other shoe but the one that's meant for you ladies no matter who it is on bended knees. Regardless what the world says being in love is still possible,  having a faithful husband is still possible.  Do yourself a favor throw away the clock and the real life  horror stories you've heard or lived through . This is a new year open up to falling in love, when you meet that available man if you feel it  ( disclaimer : not lustful feelings but something deeper )and he feels it  too, go for it. see if the shoe was meant for you and if it doesn't fit perfectly have the courage to walk away . Your shoe is out there he's not perfect but the shoe will fit perfect for you. How will you know, simple like him  you will see pass everything and into his heart .

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