Self Inventory

If you've ever worked in retail or in a store doing inventory is one of the things most workers would avoid if they could . Inventory includes sale products and the goods and materials used to produce them. ...Inventory takes in account all of the assets a business uses to produce the goods it sells and determines the sale price for the stock. Self Inventory is just as important, if you don't know your own weaknesses and strengths how can you expect the people in your life to add to your life in a positive way. Let me explain you have some people who pretend to have certain inventory just to impress others. Example A. You meet someone and the conversation goes like this :

Him: I've been in relationships but the one thing that turns me off and  I don't like it  is a controlling woman 

You: I'm not a control freak lol  your a grown man do you I'm good .

Truth: Your self inventory  states you are a control freak, you display it at work all the time , whenever it's a family function you always take the lead . Your friends often talk about you behind your back about how controlling you are.

Self Inventory is so important, accept who you are God made you like that for a reason, believe me their are plenty of men  that love women who are control freaks , they will be the men who don't like to plan dates or activities and they mever like to initiate anything.  Before you open your store aka yourself make sure to do your inventory .

                      3 simple steps  


1. Own up to who you really are the good and the bad 

2. If there is something bad that you've grown out of let it go get rid of it , whether it's  your negative attitude or your  bad habits change it. 

3. When you meet someone new in your life don't project out someone that's not really you because eventually just like in a store the person will try you on and in time you will fail the and then comes the resentment. Yup  you'll be known as the store who does false advertisements. 


Remember this,  If they don't like who you really are or what you have in your inventory, there are plenty other shoppers who will love what you have to offer. .




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