Sure fit

Women are the #1 Consumers it's true, we shop just because, we shop when we're feeling emotional and we shop when there's a need. The only thing about when we shop for clothes sometime those of us who don't look like the models we see, shopping can make us feel down at times. Every time  I see a outfit I want then realize it won't fit me that way it's not a good feeling. I tell myself I'm gonna get it and  lose the weight just to fit that outfit which sits in my closet. I have come to this conclusion I shouldn't buy clothes I can't fit.  I don't have money to waste and I'm sure neither do you. If we really want to look like the models that are wearing these clothes we have to do the work. What does that mean?  It means we have to remember we can do anything we set our mind to. Yes ladies we have to change the way we eat and exercise more, baby step can create a huge change over time . #Howbaddoyouwantthatsurefit


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