The clothes you wear

Throughout the years clothing have been known to change the way people feel about themselves. My question is this, When did we as women stop caring about how we look? In the earlier years women clothing had a since of mystery and elegance to them. Men had to wonder what was beneath that dress or skirt, now they no longer have to wonder and the mystery is not only over with but its even revealing something else about us as a woman whether you know this or not (low self esteem). Back in the day you knew the difference between a street walker and a lady of virtue, now the roles have reversed, the street walkers are covering up and the ladies are reveling it all without a second thought. The clothes you wear should not only reflect the beauty on the outside but the beauty within. I'm not saying that all women should listen to me or take my opinion to heart but what I am saying is this, if your wearing revealing clothes to showcase your body that's what will happen, a man will only be paying attention to your body and  whether your smart, kind with goals and achievements will not matter till after they get you in bed. So the next time you go shopping think about who it is your shopping for and what does that outfit tell everyone about you.


  • Bernard

    This is awesome!

  • Asia Shaifer

    This is a very true and wise observation of women and our wardrobe today. I agree woman have lost the true meaning of being sexy and that’s a little modesty and style.

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